Saturday, February 14, 2004

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i made this

If you're interested, here are some examples of the stuff I've been working on lately in class.

Hot Air travel magazine
When I'm done with it, this is going to be a punk rock/DIY-inspired travel magazine. I need to revamp most of what I've worked on because it's considerably not punk-as-f*ck, but the table of contents is the one page that fits the bill.
click to see Hot Air table of contents

Typeface promotional posters
The goal of this assignment was to design a series of three posters to highlight and sell fonts, one font per poster. All three posters had to work as a series and be connected by a concept. My concept was time; the fonts expressed how you feel at a particular time of day.
click to see 9am
click to see 5pm
click to see 4am

In other news, check this site out - it's a frigging giant listing of TV crossovers. Crazy!'s Crossovers Spin Offs Master Page

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1 Jeph!   (7:13pm - Feb 15, 2004)

Good stuff!

Any chance of posting larger versions of the 24/7 Type pages? I'd love to read the teensy type describing each font.

Damned creative theme, by the way. For whatever reason, my notion of "4 am" was completely different from yours ... I assumed it'd be "insomnia" or the like. I need to get out more!

Oh, and the table of contents? Not quite punk-as-f*ck, but I think it's up to punk-as-darn, or possibly punk-as-fudge.

And if there's anyone who knows punk, it's me.

-Jeph! big liar

2 (anon)   (2:48pm - Feb 16, 2004)

Your little boxes around your page numbers make me weep with envy. Not to mention the arrows.

I am SO ripping that off. =;)

3 Kitty   (5:35pm - Feb 16, 2004)

Unfortunately the true size of these posters is something like 17x26". You can come and see the posters in person to read the promo text but it's mostly just ad copy - "And this is why Tuscany is the typeface for you!" etc.

Am now working on making the rest of the magazine layout punk-as-Jeph.

Hey, anon! I demand that you put "credit for the boxes to Kitty" in big red 36pt Gill Sans letters along the bottom of your table of contents. :D

4 Jeph!   (10:09pm - Feb 16, 2004)

> Am now working on making the rest of the > magazine layout punk-as-Jeph.


Add safety pins.

-Jeph! oooooo> (i) ):,,,

5 rachel   (3:38pm - Feb 18, 2004)

I loved these fonts. Friday afternoon was my favorite!

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