Hello, I'm Cathy Leamy!

Photo of Cathy Leamy

I'm a Boston-based cartoonist and health communication specialist, and I love exploring the use of comics and illustration in healthcare settings.

My background

I have an MS in health communication from Tufts University School of Medicine, a BS in computer science from Northeastern University, and a certificate in graphic design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I've worked in multiple clinical support positions, including web programmer for an electronic medical record system, medical editor and writer, and front desk staff. Medicine and healthcare are fascinating, and I get jazzed about all of it, soup to nuts!

I like approaching medicine with humor and plain talk; my health comics include What the Hell?! Why is My Doctor So Late? and the ever-popular Diabetes is After Your Dick! I also write and draw an autobio minicomic series (Geraniums and Bacon) and have been a member of Boston Comics Roundtable for many years.

When I'm not drawing comics, I work as a UX writer on the design systems team at athenahealth.

My last name, Leamy, rhymes with "dreamy"!


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