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The Sign of Six

Sign of Six illustration

A very spooky and atmospheric campaign, involving scary dreams, pieces of a lost talisman, and Rehnquist, the NPC that everyone loves to hate.

"Hermetic chantries are not listed in the Yellow Pages!"

"We do the smelling salt thing!"

"Aaagh! Quadruple botch!"

"It's not like a Roman candle. It's more like a sprinkler. No, wait. I mean a sparkler."

"We'll start playing again just as soon as I put on some pants."

"Coincidentally, the mules begin to wander your way."
-- "They're homing mules."

"There aren't any llamas in the Himalayas!"
-- "Sure there are! The kind with one 'l'."

"I'll check if I have any ... nutritional supplements for the mule?"
-- "Mules on speed!"

"The sun is sinking ..."
-- "Quick! Bail it out!"

"Night is falling ..."
-- "Ouch!"

"Brian, give me the pieces! Take 'em out of your pants!"

"It's the very complicated Hermetic rote - Tab A to Slot B."

"Sarami, with a look of fear and horror on his snake face ..."

"Dimly lit by naked bulbs--"
-- "Naked what?"
-- "Dimly lit by naked chicks!"

"Go the distance! Go for speed!"
-- "Yeah! There's a big vial of speed ahead!"

"James is trying to walk out of the endless corridor!"

"You go ahead! I'll guard your rear!"

"You're facing two men dressed in lab coats ... two doctors ..."
-- "AARRGHH!" (Everyone realizes he means "paradox")

"It hit you. It hurt you, but it didn't hurt you."

"I'm afraid that for this cure there is no cure!"

"I have to face Tom the demon naked?"

"He turned into this big snake thing, and started fighting this big hairy woman."

"Where did he pull out the caffeine pills if he's naked?"

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