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Fixing Destiny Again

"There's just one problem with these pictures."
-- "Yeah, you're drawing them."

"Change of trenchcoat for Jacob!"

"The fourth screen in black."
-- "Asscam!"
-- "Yeah, the camera is in the chair!"

"Xian, what are you doing?"
-- points to James "Whatever he wants me to do."
-- James: "Find me a monkey!"

James makes a list of things to do with the underwater travel pods.
"Figure out what everything does."

"Oh yeah! ... (adds to list of things to do on the pods) Life support system ... "

"Can I get a dot in Bestiality?"

"(Mike quotes) I find that when I just sit down, the answer presents itself."
-- "That's what happens every time I go to the toilet!"

"I think that's God's prerogative - to ignore you."

Someone refers to James' Atlantis-finding machine
"And what exactly does it do?"
-- "It finds Atlantis! See, it's right there!"

"God, while you're up, could you grab my cherry pop?"

-- "That's Ctrl-Alt-Smite!"

Bonnie decides on alternate transportation.
"I was gonna take the Magical Mystery Mustang!"

"Do any of you know how to take a differential?"
-- (Bonnie) "I know how to put one in!"

"Do you know how to take a differential?"
-- "I can with my calculator. It's downstairs."
"In game, bozo!"

"Are there enough things in the closet for me to build an Arcane generator?"

"You hear a different voice in your head - not the one you usually hear."

"If we have 2 pods, then we can fit 6 people, so somebody has to die."

"I'm mediating on the subject right now. I mean, meditating."

"Do they have the same spheres here?"
-- "Here, 'Matter' is known as 'Stuff'."

"Hey! Ix-nay on the I-Killed-Leonardo-ay!"

"James, your first instinct is to make something."
-- "An ass out of himself?"

"I can help with Mind or anything that has to do with ... law."
-- "Cameron can apply for the patent!"

"You break the surface of the water."
-- "That's gonna cost us."

"We got a great big convoy, truckin' through to Atlantis!"

"Bad God! No biscuit!"

"Roll your Dex plus 'Don't Get Fucked'!"
-- "I have five dots in 'Don't Get Fucked!"

"When the hell did this become 'SeaQuest'?!"

"God, God, God. You've been a naughty God!"

"God is going to get a drink."
-- "The whole ocean empties."

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