The Flaming Crayfish's House of Gaming Quotes

Dark Boston

"Everything in the campaign happens for a reason. I don't force you to do anything."
-- "Suddenly, mechs step on your car."

"Mike, can I ask you a question?"
-- "(in a seductive voice) ... oh, really?"
" ... can I leave?"

"Can I have your Resources of 6 when you're dead?"

"Deus ex MECH-ina!"

"If you all swear to leave the city and end this quest, we will let you survive."
-- "Anyone wanna end this game real quick?"

"It's a Forces 4 effect - 'Broil Rats'."

"The virus sends its victims into a coma. Several days later they awaken as raving lunatics."
-- "So, James, what was it like?"

"Do they have Jello?"
-- "It's a hospital - of course they have Jello."
"So they have Jello."
-- "It's like the Jello in the dining hall - it has a skin on it."
"But it's Jello. Okay, now bring the hot nurse back."

"I hope you haven't been playing with my lightsaber!"

"Who can say what happens next?"
-- "I can! I have Time!"

"The din of the crowd becomes louder. You recognize it as a Forces effect."
-- "What kind of Forces effect?"
"The kind that makes the din of a crowd louder."

"Kaya Ubel? Do your friends call you 'Cowbell' for short?"

"I hate you, Mike. I seriously hate you."

"It's in Old Latin."
-- "Is there a New Latin?"

"The Christian Science Center is different. Instead of sculpted buttresses --"
-- "There are just sculpted butts!"

"She holds in her hand an evil-looking spiked mace."
-- "As opposed to the non-evil-looking kind?"

"That's what war's for - killing people and everything. Yeah."

"She's only got a mace! How bad can it be?"

"She drew out a whip-like sword, like a whip."

"You've never handled a weapon like that before."

"You took off her left hand. The smell is like burned, charred flesh."

"It hurts, but it doesn't really hurt you."

"Why don't you roll? It could be amusing if you botch."

"The common theme among Mike's players - losing their clothes."

"Does this always happen when you kill one of the Four Horsemen?"

"Andy, your ideas get people killed!"

"James has Jedi itch!"

"You have a rock candy katana."
-- "It's not rock candy! It's hardened banana!"

"It's a complete disorientation."
-- "Been there, done that, got the nipple ring."

"His lips curl into a gentle sneer."

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