The Flaming Crayfish's House of Gaming Quotes

Weapons of Biomass Destruction

"Dying does kinda suck."

"By turning the griffin into a Peep, you reduced its Dexterity to zero."

"You call that role playing - your waking up going 'Aah!'?"

"You wanna photograph my carrot?"

"Mike's carrot's got quite the ass."

Mike gets his jinxy evil on.
(whispers) "I just touched Brian's dice!"

"When we last left you, we saw that Tom killed Tom, and that's a bad thing."

Fletcher says something that makes Brian give his The Rock Glare®.
"Look! That netted a Brian Glare! ... now I've got one too! Collect all five!"

"My orc lost his cleaver. And his arm."

"My orc's breath smells like orc food."

We interrogate a Man in Black.
"Who sent you?"
-- "Duh! The Technocracy!"

"That tank doesn't just scan your mind, dude."
-- " ... urrhh ... stop scanning me there!"
"It's cold and tickly!"

"I don't wanna know where bad milk comes from."
-- "Bad cows?"
-- "Bad cows, bad cows, whatcha gonna do?"
-- "Whatcha gonna do when they're milking you?"

"How painfully obvious was it that I pulled this session out of my ass?"
-- "I could tell from the poo smears."

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