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Weapons of Biomass Destruction

"I was not giving a blow job to a Cadbury egg!"

We try to carry out covert operations in the local swingers' club.
"I'm gonna look at the guy Tom pointed to. Is he wearing pants?"
"Brian, is Phil approaching a pair of pants?"
"Andy, you just reached the pants."
"Andy, don't botch. I don't feel like fighting a bunch of naked people."

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Sex."

"I'm a Life mage! I'm specialized in Virusology!"
-- "You mean Pathology?"
"Whatever, I don't know."

"There are four people and above them is a flying manticore."
-- Mike's only beef with this situation: "Hey! Manticores can't fly!"

"Cadbury's Cream Griffin!"

"I think I'll have to arm the cattle."

"If I come back from Boston and my farm is some kinda swinging club, I'm gonna be displeased."

"6 genetically engineered soldiers
5 NPCs
4 Marauders
3 Dumb Goths
2 MIBs
And a Bygone in a pear tree!"

"He seems kinda goopy."

"See, this is why the Peep is a better GM than you."

"Everybody loves head!"

"My fella gives just as good head as any other bitch out there! ... can I put that on the Quote Page?"

Brian describes the destroyed Biosyn building.
"For lack of better description, picture the Pentagon, except with more holes over here and over here."
-- "... ... oh, you mean after it was destroyed."

"Mike, did you say your barbarian was missing? Isn't that him there in your crotch?"
-- "I've heard that before, but it's usually from a woman."

"Death plus Athletics?"

"They're up on the twelfth floor of the hotel."
-- "Is there roof access?"
"They can make roof access!"

"Keep in mind that Brian M., who is not a mage, was able to hit people on the rooftops near Kennedy Hall with snowballs from the ground."
-- "How do you know he's not a mage?"

"Trained the sheep ... to do what?"
-- "Like you love it, bitch! Who's your farmer? Who's your farmer?"

"If you botch, you will turn into a Peep and Andy will die."

"Andy, are you thinking of attacking the Marauders with a giant flying Peep?"

"10 ... 7 ... 6 ... 6 ... Sorry, Mike, you're dead."
-- "As a death action ... "

"And what's the lesson we learn from this? Don't charge four Marauders with nothing but a severed arm."

"We had two NPC assassin droids that we could destroy with immunity."
-- "With impunity, man."

"I will not be blamed for my own death."

"What I'd really like is a travelling Spirit 4 mage, but that's not likely."

"Myself, Cameron, and Rupert ..."
-- " ... get into the rabbit ..."

"Mike. Feet."

"James, one more point of Paradox and you'll be in Quiet."
-- "So what? I'd still have my points of Dex."
"You might never come out of Quiet!"
-- "I don't care! I'm going away for four weeks!"

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