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National Lampoon's Alternate European Vacation

"Mike, why are you playing with your feet? You're supposed to be GM'ing!"

"What do you mean, 'those from the other realm'?"
-- "This is the Spirit mage asking this?"

"Why didn't we think of using the talisman on Cain?"
-- "'Cause we're dumb, and we were usually running away from the angry citizens of the city that we'd just destroyed."

"She no longer looks like a woman wearing a gown ... she looks like --"
-- "A man wearing a gown?"

"The tenth sphere is LOVE!"

"Porn is not the tenth element!"

James unintentionally makes the wittiest remark ever.
"Spirits, spirits everywhere, and not a drop to drink!"

"We come from what could be described as a reflection of your world."
-- "All four of them are wearing goatees."

"Can I 'accidentally' happen to open a rift?"
-- "Sure ... diff 12."
"Okay -- hey!"

"I'm sorry, what are we doing? I was talking about Care Bears."

"Coincidentally, we forgot that we already were in Rome!"

"You're going forty miles an hour, which is pretty good for a rug."

"Fight griffins? No way. I find a nice comfortable rock to hide under."
-- "Just like home, eh James?"

"I'm telling you, the guardian animal of Florence is the hippopotamus."

"I can summon 6000 monkeys!"

Mike says "carte blanche" a lot.
"You really like this word 'carte blanche', don't you?"
-- " ... that is a word, right?"

"Friends, put down your swords. A new age is coming."
-- " ... in twenty minutes."

"You have to place these talismans in a concentric circle."

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