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Daughter of the Wild

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So a bunch of us went down to West Virginia, and there was some scuffling with werewolves, and we found a little abandoned orphan girl who was a source of great power, and there was a huge fight at the end where we all got turned into bizarre animal creatures. I can't remember many details except that there were several guns and James was turned into a were-hamster.

"Reports of my having sex are greatly exaggerated."

"I use my Life 4 to turn him into a bug."

"A mountain falls out of the sky with a katana taped to the bottom of it."
-- "Stupid mountain!"

"Is she by himself?"

"I'm gonna step out of the car and introduce myself ... shoot, I don't have a last name!"

"You know how you look into fire and imagine that you can see pictures?"
-- "What's this 'imagine' thing?"
-- "I saw an entire episode of Seinfeld once!"

"This is completely against my FBI training, but I'd like to enter her dream."

"Are we in that umbral place?"
-- "You run the chantry and you're asking if we're in 'that umbral place'?!"

"It looks kind of like Guinness on tap."
-- "Math, video games, and beer - I don't wanna be in your campaigns anymore!"

"Kira, honey, do you know your mom?"
-- "No, she died before I was born."
"Does anyone else see the logic flaw here?"

"There's this ancient oak tree in the middle of the courtyard."
-- "And if you touch it, I'll break your dick!"

"Was there anything weird about those hamsters?"
-- "Apart from the fact that they were in the cylinders of a Honda Civic?"

"Penumbral wolves are bad, Bri!"

"I'm gonna start fixing the Gauntlet right now."
-- "He's got spackle!"

"You botched a vulgar effect."
-- "Eh, whatever."
"You won't be saying that when you're naked later on!"

"We do not gnaw on our Garou!"

"You notice a swirl in the Gauntlet where Tobias was. A burp in the Gauntlet."

"Mike, is it raining in the Umbra right now?"

"I took a dot in Mad Skills!"

"The woods are dark at night."

"She has no enemies ... except the Wyrm."
-- "Could you explain? Does the Wyrm have an address?"

"There are two wolves ... make that three ...."
-- "What do we do?"
-- "I'm waiting for five to show up and see if they form Voltron!"

"Rehnquist is not shorter than average and not taller than average. He's about 5'10".
-- "Isn't that about average?"
" ... yeah."

"<aol> You've got Mind! </aol>"

"Chris pulls a water gun out of his pocket and tries to douse the sun!"

"Do you have dots in Feminine Wiles?"

"Are you Kira's parents?"
-- "Yeah, all four of us!"

"As you leave the orphanage, the orphanage is set--"
-- "To stun!"

"I can't pee without shoes!"

"What's going on that could possibly take all the agents at Quantico?"
-- "Quantico bake sale!"
-- "Bachelor agent auction!"

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