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Daughter of the Wild

"Tobias is gone!"
-- "Ah, he's probably off peeing behind a tree ... hope he's got his shoes on."

"Where did the wolf guy go?"
-- "The Forest of Feelings! He's Tender Flesh Wolf!"

"Roll for Pixie Stix."

"It's Spark o' Life - an' ah helped!"

"It's too warm to have the gaming sheets up my shirt."

"Agent Cooke, I don't believe I know your friends."
-- "The guy who just left is Chris Reynolds ... the guy to your right is Nathan Fisher ... and I am Trinity Cooke."
- "Dude, you just introduced yourself to your own boss."

"Do you know where he went?"
-- "Yes."
"Where did he go?"
-- "I don't know, but ..."

"Do you have any other trustworthy mages here? On a scale from Burning Eagle to ten ..."

"The dark rainy Richmond night ... it's no longer raining ... no, wait, it is ...."


"The umbral terrain here is kind of nondescript."
-- "And he's going to go on and describe it!"

"Dreamspeakers in New York City?"
-- "This peyote was made in New York City!"
-- "New York City!"

"The head mage at the Chantry -"
-- "As opposed to the neck mage?"

"The mechanical spider has five legs. It has a weird, five-legged gait."

"We're in the Umbra - Napster's actually in my car now!"

"Brian tosses his head and howls like a dingo!"

"I'm not going to 'Summon Monkeys'!"

"You're kinda like a dingo-man. Dingoman!"

"You know centaurs? It's kinda hard for a hamster-taur to wear clothes!"

"I just realized that an eight point Paradox backlash is bad."

"Can I summon whatever eats bees?"
-- "James! Summon your own bees! They'll attack each other!"

"I've gotta look silly. I'm a half-hamster with no arms and I'm swollen with bee stings."

"Hamsters are good at walking up waterfalls! ... c'mon, I'm trying to come up with something good for hamsters."

"Law of conservation of griffins!"

Wildgard asks what's to be done with Kira.
"Why don't you come with us and bring her up?"
-- (sings) "That's the way we became the Chantry Bunch!"

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